September 28, 2014

Hair Blah

Hi my name's Amber and I only have one hair style.  I've been wearing a high messy bun most days for about 10 (!!) years.  So needless to say, I'm in a bit of a hair rut and in desperate need of inspiration.  I've considered bangs (my typical reaction), a short do ( don't know if I'm that brave), and maybe even a new color (David's convinced me not to... for now!).

So instead, I'm doing a hairstyle challenge.  My thought process went something like this:

1. Ugh.  My hair is starting to feel lifeless and unwieldily and oh so boring.
2. I know!  I'll do something dramatic and maybe a little bit edgy! (read: expensive and committing)
3. Eh but I can't get to the salon every month...  Also, I guess, different isn't always better.
4. How about a 30 day hairstyle challenge?  Like when someone does their makeup different every day for a month or even goes on a strict diet for a month.

Motivated by the challenge, I began to scour Pinterest for inspiration.  I got about 3 ideas in before I veered off into fashion that I will never be cool enough to pull off and interior decoration of destination vacation homes that I will never own.  Seriously, that is the most overwhelming site ever.

After I have accumulated a small pool of dubiously-accomplishable hairstyles, I decide I probably won't bet my life on completing 30 days.  Then I did what anyone would do when they break a habit (new diet, quit smoking, whatever): I continued what I was doing and picked some later date in the future to start.

I did eventually start but, needless to say, I didn't make it anywhere near 30 consecutive days of different hair styles (what am I, a pop star?!?).  No, no, I remembered: I have a child.  And a little bit of a life.  And no personal stylist.  But I did glean some useful nuggets from my pinterest search and made a valiant effort for two weeks.

Here are some of my favorites that I just might try again:

Twin Half-French-Braid in a bun
Bobby pin (yes this counts as a new hair style for me- I NEVER wear my hair down...)
Full frech braid
Braid crown
Top photo is a thread-through, low ponytail like this.  Honorable mentions that I like but didn't quite work for me: low bun, headband tuck, braid wrap.

P.S. It's kind of driving me nuts that the lighting is different in each of these... sigh.

P.P.S.  Wait, it's the end of September?!?!  And I only wrote 6 posts.  Man, that really got away from me.

September 21, 2014

Weekend Snapshots

Besides our exciting visitor, this weekend was pretty average.  We spent almost all Saturday around the house then a zoo visit and bbq on Sunday.  But I had so much fun with my camera and (as you can maybe tell) am obsessed with the light.  I guess I want to get it while it's still around.  

And even though it was nothing out of the ordinary, it's actually really nice to have pictures of the normal stuff too.

September 18, 2014

Lightening Speed

Move over scooter- there's a new game in town.

Well, actually it's an old game that he has recently conquered.  We got this bike when he was around 12 months old.  That's right, he was just barely learning to walk.  I guess you could say we were eager.   And possibly a little misinformed (we were told that any kid who can walk can ride a bike but as recently as a few months ago, it was still a little too heavy for him to maneuver).  (But I do agree: start them young, and these push bikes are the best way to learn.)

He's pretty darn impressive on it, too.  He does a spot on impression of a motorcycle (broommm brommm BAARRRRRRROOM BRM BRM broom vrooom vroom) and when he gets enough speed, he puts his feet up and leans into turns.  Again, judging by the reactions of people on the sidewalk and (mostly) my overwhelming feeling of pride I have a little protégé on my hands.

He's such a tactile kid all around, always wanting to touch something and do it for himself.  One of his first phrase that we heard ad nauseam was "Me do it! Me do it!".  I think that's why reading didn't capture him for a while- he couldn't touch it so it was just less interesting to him.  Even now, when something in a book really catches his eye, he will try to pick it up out of the pages with two little fingers.  And the other day, while mesmerized by a fish tank, he turns to me and says "I hold it!"  Sorry sweetie, probably not the best idea.

But with the bike?  It's the perfect thing for him to touch and hold and do himself and conquer the world.