August 28, 2014

Easy Kale Salad

If you had told me 5 years ago that there is such a thing as a "popular vegetable", I would have been so confused.  Yet here we are with a previously unknown leafy green that is so lauded and ubiquitous that it's practically unavoidable.  Kale so fashionable, it has high waisted shorts and horn-rimmed glasses with no lenses.  Cool as a cucumber kale.  (Too much?)

Not that this is not a complaint- I'm totally one of these touchy feely hippies that believe produce holds near magical powers.  But I do think kale in particular, can be difficult in recipes; it's so chewy and the grassy flavor can be overpowering so I'm not big on it in smoothies.  And I'm not usually big on eating it raw except this recipe- the lemon "cooks" it (like ceviche) and the creamy avocado balances the flavor.  The rest is just for color, of course.

Raw Kale Salad
Head kale
Pinch salt
Cherry tomatoes
Ear corn

Rinse and chop the kale into bite sized pieces.  Squeeze the lemon, add a pinch of salt, and massage them into the kale with your hands.  Then do the same with the avocado (yes, it's super messy, just go with it).  Shave off the corn from the cob (have you ever tried raw corn? it's delicious!) and add it with the tomatoes.

Now sit back and absorb it's magical health and popularity powers.

August 25, 2014

A 94th Birthday Celebration

Oh hey blogland!  I feel like I've been around the world a few times and aged a few decades since I was last here.  It's maybe a little bit true.  I've both really missed this space and at the same time gotten a new perspective that makes it feel kind of silly.  Especially the part where I noticed that getting good pictures and having something I could blog about slowly became all consuming- like, more important than having a good time.  Yikes.

So I don't have many good pictures of my recent adventures.  And I don't have a lot to say about the adventures; partially because it's still percolating, partially because some of it is about other peoples lives, partially because I wasn't able to capture it in pictures.  That last one bothers me so much which is one way I know I was/am in too deep with this whole blog thing.

Anyways.  One of the adventures was to a 94th Birthday Party/Family Reunion.  At times, I couldn't help but think of this quote: "Anyone who thinks they are enlightened should spend the weekend with their parents."  Not that I even remotely though I was enlightened but.... sheesh, nothing like logistics and shared living quarters with a zillion family members to reduce me to a blubbering, frazzled pile of nerves.  In a good way, though :)

My mom's side of the family is pretty big- 5 kids- and each almost as different as can be.  Everyone is also pretty spread out across the country so we don't get together all that often but it's become somewhat of a tradition to meet in Texas for my grandfathers birthday.  We swarm my nearby aunts house and beg her to take us waterskiing, get a blowout birthday lunch at the tavern, and take a mass group photo.  Looking back on those photos is pretty fun.  We invariably miss a few folks due to life logistics (we only barely accept your excuse of living in London, Adrienne!) but it's always fascinating to get to know everyone a tiny bit better.  Even though hearing one of my baby cousins just graduated law school made me feel super old.  It's such a weird relationship- they are family and I've known them forever, but they are also almost strangers as we rarely ever see each other.

Like I mentioned earlier, the pictures are in no way comprehensive (and the group shot is maddeningly low quality) but I was busy catching up with long lost family and keeping an extremely excited toddler mildly under control.  In other words, living first and figuring out what I think about it later.

Finding his zen
A rare shy moment
Sunrise on the lake
Quite the blowup toy collection
The three musketeers 
Bubbles are always a hit
Not everyone but still pretty good

August 21, 2014

Oregon Coast Boys Weekend

(I'm still out of town but I didn't want to neglect my beloved blog readers!  So here are some pictures from David last weekend.)

Every year in August, David takes a photography trip to Utah for the Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week.  This year was no different.... except that half way there is was canceled.  Yup.  Flooding.  Damn.

After lots of indecision, undoubtably some cursing, and possibly even some tears (kidding- probably not), they decided to divert the Pontiac and head to the Oregon coast instead.

I know David was pretty sad to miss Speed Week- it's kind of his thing.  There weren't as many photography opportunities on plan B and 100% less cool/weird/race/old cars.  But they still have fun.  They went to Coos Bay, saw an old shipwreck, road 4-wheelers on the sand dunes, and checked out some low brow casinos.  All in all, I think they still made out ok and still managed to take a few pictures.

All pictures by David Bouchat (some with a real camera, some on a phone).