July 30, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

Before I got a real job, I basically lived in yoga pants.  Hey, it was super sporty Boulder Colorado and at all not uncommon.  As my friend defended it once: you never know when someone will invite you on a run or you will decide to hit up the climbing gym- gotta be prepared!

By now I finally have a reasonable wardrobe that is appropriately grown up while still being fun/creative and classy enough that (I hope) will last.  But in my industry, I have to be careful not get too far out on the fashion limb.  Hoodies, jeans, and t-shirts are by far the norm and I don't want to stray too far from the group.  I was told once that if someone dresses up too much, they are probably trying to be a manager.  And then there was that job offer I didn't get because I wore a dress to the final interview and they said they "didn't think I really wanted to be a programmer."

So, as excited as I was finding a cute jumper (the first 3 I tried on made me look like a Dr Seuss character) and jump on the jumper bandwagon (wink wink), I waited until the weekend to pull this one out.

It's from Anthropologie and I love it.  Not only is it the most comfortable thing ever, it's actually quite forgiving.  Plus it makes me feel like I'm on safari.  So that's amazing.

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July 27, 2014

The Good Things

The heat has broken (perhaps it was my complaining?) and is replaces by our old friend: cold, dark grey, dripping skies.  It's bizarre how looking at the dark grey weather outside makes the whole world feel dark.  My outlook takes a dive for the brooding and pessimistic so I guess I'm solar powered?  Anyway, the timing is perfect, fortuitous even- last week wasn't my best.

I write a lot of things but then it never seems right and I don’t post them.  It just all seems too exposed or whiny or vague or disjointed.  Then I read this and realized that was exactly how I felt: that I only make sense of things after they are finished, working backwards from some end product.  I even talk/think about future things like that- imagining something then explaining everything else assuming that thing is going to happen.  It’s like everything had to be wrapped up like an annoying sitcom/cartoon where each piece concluded nicely with a cheesy moral lesson.

What that annoyingly vague enough for you? :P  Anyway, this weekend was really nice as far as weekends go and it was good to soak up the simple joys.  We saw an antique airplane show, ate a bunch of good food, took naps, saw some family, went on a date, and did tons of scootering.  And things are looking much brighter- metaphorically and weather wise.

July 25, 2014


I’m a drifter.  I have lots of interests that are pretty different from each other (some because they are different).  I’ve always kind of felt like that was a good thing (int the well-rounded/open-minded direction) but it does mean I'm not really great at any one thing.

It’s partially that I find experts and/or subject matter evangelists (is there a difference?) are so off putting.  Nothing kills a budding interest like someone who eats/sleeps/breaths/won’t shut up about this thing until you join the cult.  I don't think it's that I don’t want to work hard or that I’m particularly afraid of failure (I don’t think?).  Perhaps it’s a commitment thing?  Or maybe I don’t have the attention span for most things.  I donno.  Or maybe I’m just a quitter.  

But it is not the world for drifters.  Everyone is so specialized; stay at home mom that is tirelessly nurturing day and night or business executive or designer that eats/sleeps/breaths design.  No one want’s the 78th best expert on xyz- 2nd really is just the first looser.  And I don't want to be the person that does a lot of things badly.   Like in my industry when everyone has been programming since they were 8 and never want to even talk about anything else.  I have to admit, it does make for good engineers.

The problem is lately my day dreams have been getting so ambitious.  Like I’m just catching on that this is it and it’s going by really fast and I always knew I wanted to do/be these amazing things eventually but saying “someday” is a death sentence.  It’s funny that now I’m feeling ambitious because I also now know that all those “basics” I took for granted being easy when I was younger (raising a good kid, having a healthy marriage, holding down a good job)- they actually can be really difficult and so not a given.

Poor David has born the brunt of my newfound ambition.  I catch myself harping on him about refining some process like parking the car (or something equally stupid) and thinking "... how could I have thought that was important?"  I'm like an over caffeinated coxswain with no direction.

So I guess I should go ahead and pick a direction.